You do know the man is nitroglycerin?

Are you jealous of the swordplay? Do you ever wish you could get a little more in the way of kind of brutal killing action going on?



Author of the law’s delays, you who as talisman and totem still wear the aegis, baleful with Medusa’s scowl (though shrunken and self-mummified, a Gorgon still).

"Athena" — Amy Clampitt


D E A T H L E S S  M E M E // Origin Myth (1/1)

After his parents die and sisters get married, Ivan Tsarevitch leaves his home. He meets Marya Morevna, the beautiful warrior princess, and gets married to her. After a while she announces she is going to go to war and tells Ivan not to open the door of the dungeon in the castle they live in while she will be away. Overcome by the desire to know what the dungeon holds, he opens the door soon after her departure and finds Koschei, chained and emaciated. Koschei asks Ivan to bring him some water; Ivan does so. After Koschei drinks twelve buckets of water, his magic powers return to him, he tears his chains and disappears. Soon after Ivan finds out that Koschei took Marya Morevna away, and chases him. When he gets him for the first time, Koschei tells Ivan he lets him go, but Ivan doesn’t give in, and Koschei kills him, puts his remains into a barrel and throws it into the sea. Ivan is revived by his sisters’ husbands, powerful wizards, who can transform into birds of prey. They tell him Koschei has a magic horse and Ivan should go to Baba Yaga to get one too, or else he won’t be able to defeat Koschei. After Ivan stands Yaga’s tests and gets the horse, he fights with Koschei, kills him and burns his body. Marya Morevna returns to Ivan, and they celebrate his victory with his sisters and their husbands. [x]

Featured paintings in the first and third panels are by Anthony Van Dyck.

"This small town took six
misfits and made them into
beautiful monsters.

A Hampden Haiku (via mythaelogy)


McDonald’s has been forced to open its first ever restaurant with a turquoise coloured sign after city planners said the signature yellow sign would be too garish. Officials in Sedona, Arizona told the fast-food giant they were unable to open a restaurant with the trademark yellow logo.This is due to the city’s strict regulations which prevent buildings from ruining the picturesque view of the desert.

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MISPLACED Where are you? A playlist.

i. No Scrubs - Bastille feat. Elle | ii. Map of the Problematique - Muse | iii. The Past is a Grotesque Animal - Of Montreal | iv. Bones - MS MR | v. My Body Is A Cage - Arcade Fire | vi. Daylight - Coldplay | vii. Hunger of the Pine - alt-J | viii. Shadows - Woodkid | ix. Nightcall - London Grammar

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combeferre, who comes from a family of geniuses and great success, has always felt a need to be perfect. to live up to everyone’s great expectations. so when everyone tells him and courfeyrac you two are perfect or if you can’t make it work, no one can, he gets uncomfortable. it’s supposed to be a compliment but all he feels is more pressure.

and perhaps the best thing courfeyrac (who totally realizes this—of course he does) ever says to him is we’re not perfect and we don’t need to be.



Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

Jeannine Hall Gailey, “Introduction to the Body in Fairy Tales”

Luke Newberry in Dance For Me